Quarterly Report


Business Oregon has a variety of tools our team uses as they work on business development and infrastructure projects throughout the state of Oregon. Below is a table of Business Oregon investments separated by program over the third quarter of 2018. This does not capture all the projects Business Oregon has worked on, just those with dollars invested through the programs listed. If you have specific questions about a program, investment, or other topic, just give us a holler.

incentives, grants, & loans
80% in rural


BRF Brownfields

CDBG Community Development Block Grant

INNO Innovation

OBDF Oregon Business Development Fund

OIF Other Infrastructure Finance

RS Regional Solutions

ROI Rural Opportunity Initiative

SDW Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

SEIS Seismic Rehabilitation Grant

SBP Small Business Programs

SPWF Special Public Works Fund

SRF Strategic Reserve Fund

WW Water/Wastewater

Organization Project Description Type Approved Amount Rural/
City County House  District  Senate  District 

´╗┐Brownfields Programs

Talent Urban Renewal AgencyTalent Gateway Assessment ProjectGrant$ 60,000RuralTalentJackson53
Coquille Indian TribeKo-Kwel Wharf Environmental Records ReviewGrant$ 25,000RuralCoquilleCoos
MetroStatewide Brownfields Tax Credit ROI StudyGrant$ 25,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4322
City of BeavertonThe Round Lot 2 & 3 CleanupGrant$ 60,000UrbanBeavertonWashington2714
Saint Paul School District 45Environmental cleanup of diesel spillLoan$ 190,000RuralSt PaulMarion2513
Saint Paul School District 45Environmental cleanup of diesel spillForgivable Loan$ 60,000RuralSt PaulMarion2513
Lana Avenue LLC1880 Lana Avenue UST RemovalLoan$ 95,000UrbanSalemMarion2211
City of The DallesBrownfields Database Planning ProjectGrant$ 25,000RuralThe DallesWasco5930
Heart of Grant CountyPhase One ESA for Property AcquisitionGrant$ 3,100RuralJohn DayGrant6030
Tillamook CountyEnvironmental Assessment of McClaskey PropertyGrant$ 13,280RuralTillamookTillamook3216
Total$ 556,380

Community Development Block Grant

City of AstoriaNorthwest Oregon Regional Housing RehabilitationGrant$ 400,000RuralAstoriaClatsop3216
Total$ 400,000


Oregon State UniversityRAPID Metal Additive ManufacturingGrant$ 1,000,000UrbanCorvallisBenton168
Total$ 1,000,000

Oregon Business Development Fund

Blackstrap IndustriesInc.OBDF for Outdoor Industry & Apparel CompanyLoan$ 517,000UrbanBendDeschutes5427
DulsEnergyInc.Seaweed Farming & Food ProcessingLoan$ 250,000RuralNewportLincoln105
Total$ 767,000

Other Infrastructure

Port of Cascade LocksInfrastructure and New Business DevelopmentGrant$ 500,000RuralCascade LocksHood River5226
Total$ 500,000

Regional Solutions

Sherman CountyBroadband Fiber ProjectGrant$ 820,000RuralMoroSherman5729
Total$ 820,000


Economic Development Council of Tillamook County$ 45,000RuralTillamookTillamook3216
Woodburn Downtown Association$ 45,000RuralWoodburnMarion2211
Total$ 90,000

Safe Drinking Water Fund

Medford Water CommissionLittle Butte Creek Floodplain RehabilitationGrant$ 30,000UrbanMedfordJackson63
Johnson Creek Water Service CompanyWater Master PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralOtter RockLincoln105
City of AntelopeWater System Improvements-Design and ConstructionLoan$ 170,000RuralAntelopeWasco5729
City of AntelopeWater System Improvements-Design and ConstructionForgivable Loan$ 330,000RuralAntelopeWasco5729
Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply DistrictShark Creek Sediment Prevention PartnershipGrant$ 30,000RuralArch CapeClatsop3216
City of StanfieldWater Rate StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralStanfieldUmatilla5729
Mapleton Water DistrictWater Feasibility StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralMapletonLane95
City of ManzanitaWater Supplies StudiesForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralManzanitaTillamook3216
City of JacksonvilleJacksonville Water System ImprovementsLoan$ 1,331,149RuralJacksonvilleJackson53
City of JacksonvilleJacksonville Water System ImprovementsForgivable Loan$ 736,794RuralJacksonvilleJackson53
City of MonroeSurface Water Protct thru Upstream Voluntary GreenGrant$ 30,000RuralMonroeBenton2312
City of ElktonWater System Master PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralElktonDouglas74
City of MonroeWater System Master PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralMonroeBenton2312
City of Milton-FreewaterLocust & Outwest Water Line ExtensionForgivable Loan$ 457,000RuralMilton-FreewaterUmatilla5729
Total$ 3,234,943

Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program

Portland Public Schools District 1JHayhurst School Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,500,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4322
Corvallis School DistrictInavale School (Muddy Creek Charter) Seismic RehabGrant$ 903,941UrbanCorvallisBenton168
Scio School District 95Scio High School Gymnasium Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,494,575RuralScioLinn179
Jackson County Fire District 4Shady Cove Fire Station Seismic RehabGrant$ 166,556RuralShady CoveJackson5528
West Side Rural Fire Protection DistrictStation 1 Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,251,595RuralHood RiverHood River5226
West Side Rural Fire Protection DistrictStation 2 Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,225,109RuralHood RiverHood River5226
Monroe School District 1JMonroe High School Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,500,000RuralMONROEBenton2312
City of NewbergNewberg Public Safety BuildingGrant$ 815,687RuralNewbergYamhill2513
Sheridan Fire DistrictSheridan Fire Station Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,310,470RuralSheridanYamhill105
Tangent Rural Fire Protection DistrictFire Station #71 Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,163,245RuralTangentLinn158
Central Point School District 6Sams Valley Elementary School Gym Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,498,395RuralCentral PointJackson42
Blachly School District 90Triangle Lake Charter School Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,898,510RuralBlachlyLane95
Camas Valley School District 21Camas Valley School Classrooms Seismic RehabGrant$ 1,752,965RuralCamas ValleyDouglas11
Klamath County Rural Fire Protection District 1Fire Station 1 Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,349,360RuralKlamath FallsKlamath5628
Harrisburg School District 7JHarrisburg High School Gym and Multipurpose RoomGrant$ 2,499,530RuralHarrisburgLinn116
Tillamook School District 9East Elementary School Gym Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,368,445RuralTILLAMOOKTillamook3216
Sherwood School District 88JSherwood Middle School GymGrant$ 1,044,718UrbanSherwoodWashington2613
Beaverton School DistrictAloha High SchoolGrant$ 2,500,000UrbanBeavertonWashington2814
Adair Rural Fire Protection DistrictAdair Rural Fire Protection District Main StationGrant$ 1,717,978RuralAdair VillageBenton2312
Hood River County School DistrictMid Valley Elementary School Seismic RehabGrant$ 2,038,921RuralHood RiverHood River5226
Total$ 35,000,000

Small Business Programs

Organic Fresh Fingers IncGrant$ 15,000UrbanSalemMarion1910
Total$ 15,000

Special Public Works Fund

State of Washington Department of CommerceNorthwest Economic Development CourseGrant$ 40,000Olympia
City of John DayCommercial-Scale GreenhouseLoan$ 350,000RuralJohn DayGrant6030
City of HermistonNorth Hermiston Wtr Storage & Distribution SystemLoan$ 4,516,575RuralHermistonUmatilla5729
Total$ 4,906,575

Strategic Reserve

NW Bend BoatsLLCProject Green SidingForgivable Loan$ 100,000RuralRoseburgDouglas21
Total$ 100,000

Water/Wastewater Fund

City of PowersWastewater Facility PlanGrant$ 20,000RuralPowersCoos11
City of MaupinWater Master PlanGrant$ 20,000RuralMaupinWasco5930
City of Fossil2018 Wastewater Facilities PlanGrant$ 20,000RuralFossilWheeler5930
Total$ 60,000